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What Are Fat Transfers?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure in which a surgeon removes fat from one area of a person's body and re-implants it into another location. There are a myriad of possible techniques for performing this procedure, but the basic objectives and outcomes are the same.

Fat transfers are performed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons to enhance patient features, smooth scars, eliminate deep lines and wrinkles, fill lips and cheeks, restore contours, and enhance nearly any area of the body to look more full and youthful.

Typical donor areas include: buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs, where fat accumulates. While the most common fat transfer recipient locations are: lips, breasts, cheeks, buttocks, and even the penis and vaginal area. Patients prefer fat transfer augmentation in many cases, because they are re-purposing their own fat tissue. Fat transfers are ideal because fat can be re-directed from one area of the body to another.

Fat transfer procedures are widely popular, because they can be performed through a variety of techniques and on many areas of the body. Imagine, extracting and removing fat from one area of your body, where there is excess fat and unsightly bulges, and injecting that fat into other areas of the body where more volume is desired. There are many doctors and surgeons who perform fat transfers, but with the latest research, innovations and techniques you need to find the most qualified for the area and procedure you want.

What Results Can Be Achieved Through Fat Transfers?

Because fat transfers can be performed almost anywhere on the body, they have a wide range of uses and results. Fat transfers can help add volume to get desired results for the following areas and reasons:

  • Add fullness to the breasts and buttocks of women who've experienced some sagging due to aging or childbirth.
  • Fat transfers can also be used to augment those who have always had a slender build and would like a little more curve.
  • Some clinics offer fat transfers as more natural and longer-lasting alternatives to dermal fillers and Botox. In this capacity, fat transfers can plump up the lips, smooth away wrinkles, and change some aspects of facial structure.
  • They can help normalize faces that look thin or bony, and they can also heighten the appearance of cheekbones and other features.

FatTransferGuide.com is your one-stop source for learning everything you need to know about fat transfer procedures and outcomes. In addition, our guide identifies the different techniques available, relates what you can expect before, during and after the surgery, explains the costs, and helps you choose a qualified surgeon for the procedure. You can also view photos and videos of people who have undergone this type of surgery so you can see and evaluate the improvements for yourself. While each patient's case is different, our resource guide illustrates the safety and effectiveness of fat transfer and how it can help you.

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